Unparalleled Quality

Focused on flavour.


Your Local Produce Supplier

The quality of ingredients is a fundamental part of any restaurant's success and any great chef's work. In the kitchen, chefs have no control over how an animal was raised or the way an apple was harvested. All they can do is carefully select their suppliers and work with them diligently to ensure only the finest ingredients are used.

Based out of Vancouver, BC, we have been proudly supplying local restaurants and supermarkets with the highest quality produce since 2016. Through partnerships with extraordinary farmers and growers who have proven to consistently uphold the highest standards of quality, we deliver an ingredient you can count on every time. 

Okanagan Fresh.

Keeping it close to home, Exotic Orchard features local products from a wide array of producers and suppliers in the Vancouver Lower Mainland and the Okanagan and Fraser Valley.  As a proud Vancouver owned and operated company, we know the importance of supporting our local economy. 

From a vast selection of BC's finest fruits and vegetables, to eggs and dairy, we source locally whenever possible so that we can serve you a fresher ingredient while supporting local farms and businesses. 



Big Orders At Small Prices

The wholesale fruit and vegetable industry has been one of our key markets since our humble beginnings. From supermarkets to catering companies and juice processors, we launched ourselves into the forefront of the the industry with our competitive pricing, responsive service and unparalleled fill rates.



A Uniquely Personalized One Stop Shop

From grocery and dairy to exotic specialty produce, we offer a range of products that are expansive and diverse, yet our focus remains defined on providing the same level of quality service to each of our customers. Our restaurant food programs are 100% tailored to our clients unique needs.

Don't Waste Great Taste.

In 2017, we started promoting the usage of "ugly" and imperfect looking produce with the goal in mind of reducing food waste. Every year six billion pounds of produce in the United States alone is unharvested, thrown out or unsold solely because of aesthetic reasons. We are one of the few wholesalers in Vancouver actively seeking out and promoting these less-than-desirable fruits and vegetables.


our Products

At Exotic Orchard, we create a tailored one-stop-shop for our customers. With a comprehensive list of thousands of products in fresh produce, organics, dairy, dry grocery, spices and specialty items, we offer convenience and greater efficiency in operating your business.