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Our Produce

We look beyond labels and specifications, searching for growers who prioritize flavour-first.

We work with a vast array of fruits and vegetables from all around the world, specializing in unique and niche items.

A ripe, juicy mandarin orange sliced in half


A sliced Hidden Rose apple showing the pink colored flesh


Rare Fruits

We offer a curated selection of the world's most unique and hard-to-find fruits to help keep your store shelves from being boring.

Four different colored heirloom tomatoes


Heirloom Vegetables

Heirloom vegetables offer a timeless allure - boasting exceptional flavours, vibrant colors and unique characteristics passed down through generations.

BC grown Red Russian garlic


Local Produce

Get farm-fresh, locally sourced produce that celebrates the rich flavours of our communities.

A plate of fresh goji berries



Provide organic options for the health conscious consumer in one of produce's fastest growing categories.

Fresh green kale


Basics and Staples

We don't only focus on exotic and specialty produce, we also offer a range of staple fruits and vegetables.

Processing grade lemons


Processing Grade

Avoid overpaying by choosing processing grade fruits and vegetables - providing you with an economic alternative that still produces the same results.

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