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Our Brands

We strive to develop a curated portfolio of distinctive brands, each embodying our commitment to prioritizing flavour.

Supermarket shelves are often stocked with the same run-of-the-mill, commoditized products. Drive sales by differentiating your offerings with strong brands consumers trust, recognize and want to repurchase.

Bins of Panda Melons outside a Sungiven store in Richmond

Black Watermelons

Panda Melon

In 2021 we launched Panda Melon - the darker, sweeter melon, with great success. Over the years we have been carried in stores such as Sungiven Foods, T&T Supermarket, IGA, Kin's Farm Market and many more.


Easily recognizable by it's onyx-black rind and dark crimson flesh, it is exclusively sold to the Canadian market.

Panda Melon logo, bin design and sticker
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