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This season's first batch of Sanya mangoes arrives in Vancouver!

Yesterday we received this season's first batch of Guifei mangoes from Sanya, China! It's been making rounds on a few Chinese news outlets already. You can read more below:

A worker uses a forklift to load a truck with mangoes
A worker loads the Sanya mangoes onto a truck to be taken to the airport.

Small but Sweet

A man holds two Guifei mangoes in one hand and a peeled one displaying the flesh in another

The Guifei mango is small and delicate, but packs a sugary sweet punch once it hits your tongue. The flesh is completely fiber-free and the pit is one of the thinnest you'll ever see.

Island Grown

Originating from the Hainan province in southern China, Guifei mangoes thrive in the region's tropical climate, blessed with abundant sunlight and rich, fertile soil. Grown with meticulous care and traditional farming practices, these mangoes are known for their vibrant red blush, strong a

roma and sugary sweet taste.

Where to Buy

Guifei mangoes on display at Kin's Farm Market in Richmond

You can find these beauties at the following Kin's Farm Market locations: Richmond No. 2 Rd, Broadmoor Village and Kerrisdale.

If you've tried these mangoes before let us know how you liked them! Or if you want to know more or have any questions please feel free to Contact Us.


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