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Our Services

We offer a comprehensive array of services that can be tailored to suit your every need.

From custom fruit conditioning to private label repacking, you can count on us to deliver world-class service with the flexibility the fresh produce industry demands.

Cases of ripe ataulfo mangoes

What We Provide 


Flexible Customer Service

We offer around the clock customer support, custom ripening programs, flexible delivery, consolidation services, and much more.


Unique and Innovative Products

We are constantly taking risks and developing the industry's future by sourcing unique and innovative products from around the world. Everything from gourmet, high-end, tropical, ethnic specialties and rare exotics.


Strong Supply Chains

Utilizing a large network of growers and suppliers, we work to fill the gaps when supplies are light and ensure an efficient supply chain for the freshest produce possible.


Marketing and Retail Support

From ad pricing and program development, to social media promotion and in-store merchandising, we give you everything we can to ensure your success.


CanadaGAP Certified Facility

Our facility and operations are CanadaGAP certified and GFSI-recognized, offering food safety and accountability you can trust.

What We Do

A shipping container filled with boxes of mangoes from Taiwan



We focus on bringing the most unique and flavourful products to the market, serving wholesale channels from supermarkets to other importers and distributors.

A clamshell of Mango Plums from Kin's Farm


Private Label Packaging

Whether it's high-graphic premium cartons or generic pouch bags and clamshells, our flexible packaging services can accommodate a wide range of specifications.

A ripe avocado sliced in half



Whether it's for foodservice, processing or retail, we can condition avocados, mangoes, papayas and plantains to your exact specifications. 

Pink radicchio leaves



Can't find something? Our passionate and experienced team will hunt it down for you!

An aerial view of a shipping container do


Imports and Sales

Are you an overseas grower or shipper looking for a Canadian partner? Get in touch with us here.

A 5 ton truck drives down the highway



Get the product you want, when and where you want it. Located in a port city, we have access to an abundance of products and can serve as a great strategic partner for your operations.

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