What to Look For

After being picked off the vine, watermelons do not develop in colour internally or increase in sugars. The flesh will be a vibrant red, firm and crisp. The surface of the melon should appear waxy and bright; with the ground spot, the portion sitting on the soil, at a creamy yellow colour.

Melons that have a mealy texture  have turned over ripe.

Ideal Storage

  • 10 - 15°C
  • 85 - 90% Relative Humidity

Watermelons can be stored down to 7.5°C in order to extend storage for another 7 days. However, chilling injury is very likely to occur if not monitored closely resulting in pitting, loss of colour and flavour and increased decay when returned to room temperature.

Response to Ethylene

Ethylene exposure will cause a loss of firmness and flavour, also increased yellowing and decay.