What to Look For

Summer squashes are pre-mature if the external rind is thin and soft while remaining glossy. Small, young fruit are tender and generally have a slightly sweet taste. The stem portion should remain intact and well trimmed. Poorly treated stems increases decay.

Ideal Storage

  • 5°C - 10°C
  • 95% Relative Humidity

Summer squashes will store up to 10 days. Left longer and the vegetable will yellow and shrivel. Squashes are sensitive to cold and will suffer chilling damage if left under 5°C after a day resulting in brown discolouration and surface pitting.

Dehydration is also a primary concern and a common problem post-harvest. Storage at higher temperatures causes shriveling and a loss of firmness.

Response to Ethylene

Summer squash is not significantly affected by the gas, however, green varieties may see accelerated yellowing when exposed.