What to Look For

Tubers will generally be uniform in shape and size and also hold a healthy skin finish. Skins with blemishes and defects known as scabs are easily spotted. However, internal brown spots and bruising can only be found after cutting. Most of these symptoms are results of poor mineral nutrition and inconsistent watering.

Ideal Storage

  • 5.5°C - 10°C
  • 95 - 98% Relative Humidity 

Potatoes will keep for 3-5 weeks at optimal storage temperatures. The temperature range is large with considerations for the various uses for potatoes. Potatoes to be baked or boiled should be stored at the colder range while potatoes to be fried should be stored at the high end.

Store out of the light to prevent tubers from greening. Excessive greening tastes bitter and can be potentially toxic at high levels.

Maintain high humidity by storing in a bag with holes for ventilation to keep the potato hydrated and fresh.

Response to Ethylene

Potato tubers are not very sensitive to ethylene, however higher concentrations may induce sprouting.