What to Look For

Choose a lime with a nice green colour, containing 30% or higher juice content.  A good quality lime should be smooth, have a nice shape, and firm. 

Avoid limes with any signs of bruising or decay.  Also look closely for any signs of stem-end rot.

Mature green limes have a much higher post-harvest life than a lime picked when yellow in colour.

Ideal Storage

  • 10°C - 13°C
  • 90 - 95% relative humidity

Fresh limes should stay fresh for about a week in room temperature and up to 4 weeks in a cooler.  

Signs of chilling damage include pitting and brown discolouration.

Response to Ethylene

Exposure to ethylene will cause  limes to lose their green colour and expose their yellow pigments.  Removal of ethylene would be beneficial in maintaining a marketable colour and delaying the rate of decay.