What to Look For

Look for a soft, velvety texture. The blossom end should be slightly softer and give off a faint aroma. The skin should be a yellowish-white to a creamy colour with a waxy appearance and not a fuzzy one. Choose the melons that are heaviest for their size.

Ideal Storage

  • 7°C - 10°C
  • 85 - 90% relative humidity

Storage life at 7°C is typically 12-15 days.

Storing honeydew at temperatures <7°C for several days will result in chilling injury. Symptoms of chilling injury include pitting, reddish-tan discolouration, off-flavor, and surface decay.

High relative humidity is essential to prevent drying out and the loss of a glossy appearance. Extended periods of higher humidity or condensation will encourage the growth of surface mold.

Response to Ethylene

Exposure to ethylene causes honeydew to ripen faster.