What to Look For

A good quality fig is determined by it's skin colour and firmness of the fruit as well as the taste.  Smell the fig for a sweet, pleasant aroma.  Figs are harvested when almost fully ripe to insure good eating quality.  Black Mission figs should be light to dark purple, but not black in colour.  Calimyrna figs should be white to light-yellow in colour.

Avoid figs that are overly soft or unripe, displaying a green colour with a bitter taste.  Inspect the fruit for any defects such as broken skin, stem shrivel, insects, or signs of decay.

Ideal Storage

  • -1°C - 0°C
  • 90 - 95% relative humidity

Fig fruit perishes very quickly so it should be eaten while fresh.  Figs will stay fresh for 2-3 days.

Figs exposed to less than 2% oxygen or more than 25% carbon dioxide will develop off-flavours due to fermentative metabolism. 

Response to Ethylene

Figs are slightly sensitive to ethylene on stimulating softening and decay.