Dragon Fruit

What to Look For

Pick dragon fruit that are large, well-shaped, and firm with a red peel and green scales.  As the fruit ripens, the scales will turn yellow.  Inspect the fruit for any signs of decay, insect, or chilling damage.

The flesh of different species vary from white to red to very dark red.   

Dragon fruit are harvested during full ripened stage because they do not further ripen.

Ideal Storage

  • Red Pitaya 10°C
  • Yellow Pitaya 6°C
  • 85 - 90% relative humidity

Dragon fruit can be stored for 2-4 weeks depending on growing location and maturity.  

Flesh translucency is a symptom of chilling damage. Other symptoms include softening, wilting, darkening of scales, browning of the outer flesh, and poor flavor. 

Response to Ethylene

Ripening changes in the fruit are independent from ethylene.  Ethylene treatment has no effect on colour development of dragon fruit.