What to Look For

Cucumbers should be long, firm, and have rounded edges. They should be bright medium to dark green. 

Avoid cucumbers that are yellow, limp, have water-soaked areas, or are wrinkled at the ends. 

Ideal Storage

  • 10°C - 12.5°C
  • 95% Relative Humidity

Cucumbers will generally last less than 14 days as the quality deteriorates quickly. They will shrivel, yellow, and decay. This deterioration is rapidly accelerated if the cucumbers are not kept cool. 

However, cucumbers are highly susceptible to chilling injury if stored at temperatures below 10°C for more than 1 to 3 days. Chilling injury commonly results in water-soaked areas that turn brown and gelatinous. 

Response to Ethylene

Cucumbers are highly sensitive to ethylene accelerating the process of yellowing and decay. Do not store with commodities such as bananas, tomatoes, and melons.