What to Look For

Take a look at the husks ensuring they are green and moist. Feel for plump and firm kernels as well as any sunken area that may be hidden underneath the husks. When squeezed, the kernel contents should appear milky rather than doughy. If clear and watery, the crop is immature. If thick like cream then the corn has over-matured.

Avoid sunken kernels and dry, yellow or black spotted husks. This is a sign of age.

Ideal Storage

  • 0°C - 1.5°C
  • 95 - 98% Relative Humidity

Corn sweetness is determined by its sugar content which rapidly decreases after harvest at higher temperatures. Cold temperatures slow down the conversion of sugar to starch. Because of this, corn is commonly hydrocooled or topped off with ice before shipping.

Do not remove the husk as this helps the corn maintain it's flavour. 

Look to eat corn as soon as possible. It is not recommended to store for longer than a week.

Response to Ethylene

Protecting corn from ethylene exposure is not typically considered important.