What to Look For

Deep mahogany red cherries are the standard for picking the ripest fruit. An overall firm and not hard cherry indicates the sugar levels have reached its peak sweetness before it turns overly ripe. A green fleshy stem is also a promising factor in quality.

Cherries are very prone to physical damage so allow for trace amounts of scarring and splits, nose and stem cracks.

Unacceptable defects are bird and insect damage and pitting-corrosion or decay of the flesh under the skin.

Ideal Storage

  • -0.5° - 0°C
  • 90 - 95% Relative Humidity

Typical storage is 7-14 days on average. Sweet cherries will store longer and at a slightly higher temperature while sour cherries require colder temperatures and last only 5 days.

Response to Ethylene

Ethylene minimally affects cherries and does not accelerate ripening.