What to Look For

Choose celery with thick, light green and well formed and minimally twisted petioles, or stalks, that snap easily when pulled apart.

To check for damage, pull apart the stalks and look for brown or black discolouration, often the result of a condition called "blackheart" that is caused by insects. In addition, look for what is called a "seed stem", or the presence of a round stalk in the centre in place of the smaller, tender stalks. Celery with seed stems often have a more bitter taste.

Ideal Storage

  • 0°C
  • 98 - 100% Relative Humidity

Celery keep well for up to 5 to 7 weeks in optimal conditions. Keeping vegetables cold and moist is a challenge. While a refrigerator is cold the air remains relatively dry. 

At temperatures >0°C, the inner stalks will continue to grow. If stored too warm or too cold, quality will deteriorate and the stalks will turn yellow and pithy.

Keep celery away from other items with strong odours such as onions or apples as it will absorb their scent. 

Response to Ethylene

Celery is not very sensitive to ethylene.