What to Look For

Cabbage heads should be solid and compact, glossy and light green in colour. A compact head should only have a slight give with moderate hand pressure. A very loose head is immature, and a very firm or hard head is over mature. Look for stems that are healthy and not dry or splitting.

Ideal Storage

  • 0°C
  • 95 - 100% Relative Humiidty

Cabbage can be stored for 3-6 weeks with some cultivars lasting upwards of 6 months. Keep in mind with longer term storage cabbage heads will need to be trimmed significantly as the leaves will deteriorate. 

Freezing injury occurs below -0.9°C, leaving the head with a water-soaked or dark translucent appearance after thawing.

Response to Ethylene

Cabbages are sensitive to ethylene. Leaf shedding and yellowing will occur.