Brussels Sprouts

What to Look For

Brussels sprouts should be bright green without yellowing or any odd discolourations. The butt end may be slightly discoloured, but should not be dark. They should be compact and firm, the outer leaves should not be splitting. When the outer leaves split the sprouts have begun to over-mature.

Ideal Storage

  • 0°C
  • 95 - 100% Relative Humidity

Brussels sprouts are moderately perishable and can be stored at 3-5 weeks at temperatures near the optimum of 0°C. Shelf life at 5°C is 10-18 days. 

If a high relative humidity is not maintained, the leaves will become flaccid. 

Response to Ethylene

Brussels sprouts are sensitive to ethylene. Exposure will turn the leaves yellow and cause them to start shedding.