What to Look For

Heads should be compact and firm to hand pressure. Too hard and the crown is immature. Well developed beads are dark or bright green with a purple tinge. Over-mature crowns have loose beads that begin to flower and break apart from one another. Stalks should be light green and the stem bract should show no discolouration. 

Ideal Storage

  • 0°C
  • 95 - 100% Relative Humidity

Broccoli has a high rate of respiration, on par with asparagus and spinach and must be kept at low temperatures. 

Broccoli is often hydrocooled or packed with ice to keep a fresh green color and maintain it's vitamin C content. 

Stored at 0°C, broccoli can keep for 21-28 days, and 14 days at 5°C. Broccoli may keep satisfactorily for 5-10 days at 10°C, however, this is not recommended for optimal quality.

Response to Ethylene

Broccoli is highly sensitive to ethylene and exposure to the gas rapidly accelerates the yellowing of the beads. Due to the production of ethylene, broccoli will yellow in as little as 3 days at room temperature.