What to Look For

Pick bananas that are not mushy, bright in colour, and free from bruises or other injuries. 

For immediate use, bananas are best when yellow with brown specks. At this stage the banana flesh is mellow and the flavor is sweetest and fully developed. 

Bananas ripen from the inside out so squeezing them with your fingers may give a better indication of ripeness than the colour. 

Ideal Storage

  • 13°C - 14°C for storage
  • 15°C - 20°C for ripening
  • 90 - 95% Relative Humidity

Bananas are very sensitive to chilling injury. Chilling injury results when a banana is stored below 13°C for a few hours to a few days. Chilling injury can cause the banana skin to turn grey or black and the inside brown. in some cases the banana may even fail to ripen despite the outer appearance being unharmed.

Response to Ethylene

Exposure to ethylene causes bananas to ripen faster. To accelerate ripening they can be put into a paper bag where the ethylene produced by the fruit is trapped.